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Generate Customize Documents from Google Sheet or Forms

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Now you can generate customized documents from google forms or Sheets with the help of Document Generator by DuoCloud Infotech.

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Most Popular Use Cases of Document Generator Plugin

Automate many administrative processes and go
paperless with Online Document Generator






Purchase/Quote requests.


Waiver/Consent forms.


Leave/Time-off requests.


SOAP Notes.


Service/Maintenance requests.


Intake/Assessment/Release forms.


Attendance/Enrollment Certificates.

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Audit/Evaluation forms.


Invitation/Registration forms.


Incident report forms.

Check All Features of Online Document Creator App

When a mass generation of documents from spreadsheets takes place, it helps the users save time. It automatically creates documents from data provided in spreadsheets in large numbers as desired. When employees are given tasks to individually create and maintain documents which can be done by automated document creation, it is not only time-consuming it also puts constraints on resources. So, our plugin can make the task easier and accurate, making the employees focus on constructive tasks.

One can generate documents on the form submissions through Free Online Document Creator. Data received from Google forms can be converted to documents customized through the various templates offered.

The Document Creator App is used to convert different types of documents such as invoices, letters, invites, quotations, and SOAP notes into documents various formats such as PDF, google document, or Microsoft Office.

With a wide range of templates, users can convert normal documents into beautiful customized documents. customization helps businesses to create distinguished documents which are engaging and appealing and also with the benefits of time-saving as well as cost-saving.

When important data is stored in google drive, it prevents data loss due to any disaster or circumstances. The Document Creator stores the document in Google Drive as per desired format, such as PDF, google document, which is easily accessible and secure.

Automated document creation has made the process of storing and converting documents easier and more convenient. The online document creator sends attachments via email even if the user has forgotten to click on submit. This makes it reliable and makes the employees’ tasks easier.

The documents generated are based on FNC, so that does cause confusion or error, which also makes the data more organized and systematic.


Document Generator Plugin that Saves Time and Ease your Business Needs


DuoCloud Infotech was created with a vision of providing high quality cloud services to ease the workload on Businesses. We are primarily engaged in Automating Google Spreadsheets by providing add-ons, which can be used for varied Purposes. The add-ons added to G-Spreadsheets are easy to use and can be learnt with very less effort, without devoting much time.

Easily Create Customised Documents with Free Online Document Creator

Streamline tedious business processes through automated document generation workflows. Generate and send invoices, quotes, waivers, certificates, and many other documents. Store all generated documents on Google Drive. The goal of Add-ons developed and added to G-spreadsheet is to prioritise your working environment and Staff to focus on most Important Aspects of Business, by Automating rest of the Activities.

SOAP notes are used by health care professionals which are usually manually written documentation. With the help of Free Online Document Creator this kind of data which can be lost or misplaced, can be easily recorded and stored for future use.

A large number of employees or students’ attendance can be difficult to maintain and is very time-consuming, but with the Document generator plugin, data can be converted into documents, either into PDfs or Google documents, as per required.

With the help of the Document Creator App, one can mass-generate invites and choose from a large number of templates, making the documents more engaging to the reader.

One can avail of the free document generator and make price quotation requests look more professional and easily accessible. Our app can be used to send and request quotations to desired dealers to make purchases as a document generator makes quotations more appealing and professional.

Misplacement or loss of agreement documents is possible unless Agreements are stored properly. Online Document creator helps in generating agreements into documents and PDFs which makes storing agreements easier and more secure.

With increasing digitization, the market has become bigger and more competitive with the entry of new players. Every trader, small or big, wants to expand their business which makes keeping a record of paper invoices or receipts a tedious task. With Duo Cloud Document Creator, one can simply convert paper invoices into documents, which makes the job easier and more convenient.