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DuoCloud Infotech is a company incorporated on 29th April 2022 in India having place of business at Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

​DuoCloud Infotech was created with the vision of helping businesses, Professionals & others in relation to their needs of Creating and maintaining an IT enabled Ecosystem, and provide Digital and other Automation Services that improve the efficiency and working. We are committed to provide best in class IT related Services and Support to clients.

We have witnessed dramatic increase in demand for cloud computing. We are currently focused on providing automation solutions for Google Workspace.

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Jitesh Saluja


Litesh Sainani


He is the primary founder of the Company and is Chartered Accountant by profession. He has deep Knowledge about handling Complex IT projects and has been involved in developing and delivering Applications and softwares as per custom build demand from Clients. He is now focused on Building Software as a service platform that helps businesses reduce their workload through automation of regular business functions. He leads the core Digital business of the company.

He is the co-founder of the Company and is Chartered Accountant by profession. Having seen the need of businesses and professionals to rely on IT and automation for delivering best in class products and services has propelled him to be a part of this Company. He has keen interest about upcoming technological Innovations and how can these help businesses change world. Working in & backed up by strong Knowledge in field of Finance, he has taken up the role of Overlooking Finance and related functions of the business.

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