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How to Create a Simple Google Forms addon? : Google Apps Tutorial

Google Forms Addon

A Google Forms Addon is a customized application that integrates with google workspace productivity applications such as the DuoCloud document generator, a free online document creator add-on.

The add-ons are mostly created by using Google Apps Script. Duoclould’s document generator, a Google sheet add-on, saves time and makes business needs easier.

Following it is briefly mentioned how you can create a simple Google Forms addon:

  • Select Your Google From
  • Create an Add-on Card

Before getting into the main script and Document Creator App editor, a google forms extension or Add-on card will be created where the maximum number of responses will be inserted.

  • Switch script from HTML to Google Apps editor.
  • Launch the script in the Google form, which is done by clicking the three dots near the ‘send’ button at the top right.
  • Now click on the ‘script editor’; once we have reached the ‘script editor’, we must create a Google form plug-in or Add-on card.
  • HTML is the choice of language in the Google script.
  • Next, open a new HTML file to write the HTML code.
  • To do that, press the plus button next to ‘files’.
  • The plus button will have two options: ‘create a new apps script file’ or ‘HTML file.’
  • Click on ‘HTML’, and a new HTML file will be added to the Google Apps script project.
  • The HTML code will be the add-on card.
  • Now that we have created a div with the id sidebar, we have to accept the values from the user to create a form, and for that, add a form- a group that will add some structure to the form.
  • Now we will add texts to the add <p>, which represents a paragraph.
  • We must create four more HTML files, replace each with the ID code, and click save.
  • Our code for Add-on is complete.

DuoCload lets you put Add-ons on google sheets with the least effort, saving time and very helpful to businesses.

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