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How to Share a Google Sheet Document and Grant Access

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is one of the products that businesses use nowadays. Due to its vast add-on features, many business people can complete their jobs more efficiently. With Duocloud Infotech, you can create your document and easily share your files with anybody you like. Here you can see how to share the Google Sheets documents and their grant access:

Tips to Share a Google Docs Sheet

  • First, create a document using the best Document Creator App.
  • On the Google Sheet’s upper right corner, click the Share button.
  • Share the document with someone by entering their email address and selecting the appropriate permissions from the drop-down menu on the right.
  • After sharing and sending the document, click Done.

Due to the Google Sheets permissions, you have more control over how your files are shared.

Maintain Data Privacy

There might be some information in a Google Sheet that you can only share elsewhere if you share it with people within your company. Any risk of data leaks can be reduced by assigning certain access levels to users outside your company.

Optimize Feedback

You can choose a level of access so that other users can only leave comments on your Google Sheets. Before making firm decisions and adjustments, this is an excellent way to examine and organize comments and feedback.

Avoid Human Error

You have all experienced the frustration of having several team members modify the same spreadsheet simultaneously, frequently resulting in the unintentional deletion of crucial data. You can manage who has access to remove or alter data essential by providing various permission levels.

Parting Words

Working in Google Sheets is a straightforward process. Follow the above points and learn how to share a Google Sheet Document and Grant Access.

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