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How to Use the Skip Logic Branching Questions Feature in Google Forms

Google Forms

For some users, you can make them certain types of questions based on the answers they responded to in their Google form. Google Forms provides features like a conditional question, which helps to show questions based on the respondent’s answers.
Let us help you learn how through google docs form builder, we can skip branching questions,

  • create a sample Google form with questions

Use a feedback form in the Google form with five different sessions. Now showcase the feedback questions sessions based on the options chosen by the respondents. If the respondents have chosen session 3, they will be redirected to the session 3 feedback.

  • Make sections for different types of questions.

For this, click “add section” and enter the title and description.

  • Now we will see how google forms logic branching feature works.

After creating separate sections for different sessions, we will use the answers based on the sections feature, and for that, click on the question that you want this feature applied and click on the three dots and click “select section based on answer”. After you have clicked on the option, there will be individual options for every option; now select the section. To mention the specific section, you have to drop-down near the option.

  • Check the result

Now that the Google form has been created successfully, we must check the result and output. To do this, click “Preview”. These are simple Google form tricks one should be aware of. They are very helpful, like the Duocloud document generator, which lets users convert boring Google spreadsheets into beautiful, visually appealing documents. The document generator plugin is simple to use.

All you have to do is:

  • Select a Template for Your Google Document, and Customize It as You Like.
  • Check That the Markers Correspond to the Columns Header in the Google Spreadsheet
  • Now Configure the Settings
  • Your Document is Generated

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