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Streamline Document Generation with Custom Templates in Spreadsheets

Document Generation with Custom Templates in Spreadsheets

Managing a large number of documents can be time-consuming and tedious. Whether you need to generate personalized letters, invoices, or any other type of document, manually creating them one by one can be inefficient. Thankfully, with the power of spreadsheets and custom templates, you can mass generate documents quickly and effortlessly. In this blog, we will explore how to create custom templates for mass generating documents from spreadsheets.

Step 1: Define your document template.

Start by deciding on the structure and layout of your document. Consider the fields and information that need to be personalized for each document. For example, if you’re creating invoices, you may need fields for the recipient’s name, address, invoice number, and item details. Design the template either in Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google slides, keeping in mind the placeholders or tags that will be replaced with actual data.

Step 2: Prepare your spreadsheet data.

Create a spreadsheet using Google Sheets. Enter the data that will populate your documents into the appropriate columns. Each row should represent a unique document, with the relevant information in the corresponding cells. Ensure that the data is organized and accurate for efficient document generation.

Step 3: Insert placeholders in the template.

In your document template, insert placeholders or tags to indicate where the data from the spreadsheet will be inserted. These placeholders can be simple text strings enclosed in a specific format, such as <<Name>> or <<InvoiceNumber>>. Make sure the placeholders match the column headers in your spreadsheet.

Step 4: Configure Add-on settings.

You can select the template and configure various settings, such as choosing a google drive folder, specifying the desired output name, selecting output formats, and adjusting other preferences.

Step 5: Generate the documents.

Once your spreadsheet is connected to the template, you’re ready to generate the documents. Make sure to review the output to ensure accuracy and formatting. When you’re satisfied, initiate the document generation process, and watch as the software automatically creates individual documents for each row in your spreadsheet.

Step 6: Save and distribute the documents.

After generating the documents, save them in your desired format, such as PDF or Word files. Finally, distribute the documents via email, print them, or share them digitally, depending on your requirements.


Mass generating documents from spreadsheets using custom templates can save valuable time and effort. By creating a well-designed template and connecting it to your spreadsheet, you can automate the process of document generation. This approach is ideal for tasks such as generating personalized letters, invoices, certificates, and more. Embrace the power of spreadsheets and custom templates to streamline your document workflow and boost productivity.


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